Dave Glover Tennis presents...


play in a day

Here you will learn to play tennis easily – you will play tennis in just one day

The Tennis Play in a Day video course covers all the following...

Intro and Play in a day – with your Easy to Learn – Play in a Day
Pivot – Learn the importance of body rotation
Footwork – Get there quick and on balance with this footwork lesson
Sound Basic Swing – Hone your basic swing for control and consistency
Topspin – Understand how to hit topspin – penetrative and defensive
The Ball– Yes watch the ball and learn where best to play it
Grips – The basic grips are explained

LTA Performance Level – Pro Coach

My Experience

What you will take away from this comprehensive course...

Tennis is easy if approached the right way
Learn in one day all you need to get out there and enjoy rallying straight away
Don't make tennis difficult - it's not if you focus on the right things
Yes in one day you can rally and get your serves and volleys in
See how as a complete beginner is taught to play tennis in just one day
Dave taught me to rally straightaway – he made it so easy to rally and get my serves in , and his teaching is so easy to build on with his intermediate lessons
Jim Waddington
When I started playing tennis my head was full of unhelpful teaching – Dave cut through the complexities and made it easy for me to learn and progress
Allan Cristea
Thanks Dave for making it so simple – I really learnt quickly and easily .I can now hit shots correctly with consistency at intermediate level
Suria Ysebaert
Dave focuses on the key movement of the hand through the ball – this gives me control and consistency – his intermediate coaching just followed on so naturally
Carol Mendes